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Everything in our shop is hand made

100% Made in the USA

Call 301-777-0250 About Us The Studio Shop We are Peter Pihos and Terry Lee Wood Craftsmen

Terry and Peter (creators and designers of the world famous Cubes) have been ardent Woodworkers, Wood turners and specialty Engravers for over 15 years. Over this time, they have developed many unique pieces and some rather innovative techniques to visually enhance our work.

The Cube Story . . . . We started out years ago (2003) with an idea of designing and crafting special keepsake called a Cube, where each one was truly one of a kind.  The popularity of these Cubes had grown worldwide - with customers and recipients in 17 countries over the years.

We were the original designers of the specialty engraved wood Cube and we hand make each and every one of them. They are made of solid hard rock Maple and each one is individually numbered and signed and goes through a 3 step special polishing method.

We have designed and developed many inlay and design techniques for both our Classic and Planter Cubes.

As woodworkers and turners we work with a variety of renewable tree species (many of it local wood), as well as renewable exotics for many of our other wood products and designs that range from large fine furniture, turned items to many smaller wood pieces of which can be viewed on our sister site -  

We have a studio workshop in downtown Cumberland where we invite you to pop in next time you are in the area.