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Everything in our shop is hand made

100% Made in the USA

Call 301-777-0250

They want to give something very special - truly one of a kind!

Enjoy being involved in the design process that makes it special

Are willing to collect Cube information in clandestine manner

Are prone to tears when they see the Cube they commissioned

Are able to console Cube recipient when they get their Cube

Dislikes buying gifts for special occasions off the rack and want to put a part of themselves in it.

Gets a rush from having a very unique and cool gift

Can plan ahead because design time is 2-3 weeks

Avoids giving disposable gifts that are not remembered years later

Expects discretion with information that is shared with us to enable the design that reflects the meaning, purpose and feeling the cube is suppose to convey

Our Customer Profiles

Our Cubes touch 2 hearts. The person who receives the Cube and the person who gives the Cube