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Let’s see how Companies are using our Planter Cubes

Our Cubes, over the years, have proven to be successful in assisting Companies in their Product launches, celebrate important Projects and the Staff members who made it happen, announce Acquisition, welcome New Office or Division Locations-you name it.  We have over 20 years experience of designing and supplying our Cubes to over 5,000 Customers Worldwide.   We make a select number of Cubes annually, be sure to order early for 2024.

Ordering for 2025 starts Sept 15 for returning customers

New Customer orders opens Oct 15

Corporate Branding

  • Existing & New Clients
  • Customer Appreciation
  • Corporate Mission & Value reinforcement
  • International Divisions
  • Product Launches

Not only do these function as a way to reinforce your Brand or Message, but also as perpetual planters; keeping your Company and Brand always up front. 

Employee and Team Member Recognition and Celebration

  • For Remote Workers and Offices
  • Welcome for New Hires
  • Celebration for Milestone Achievements
  • International Offices & Team Member Projects
  • Internal Training and Special Workshops
  • HR Departments – what a better way to recognize the Personal  Events of your Team Members:  (anniversaries, advancements etc)
  • Board Members

Recognize all the hard work and dedication of your employees and reinforce relationships by sending them thoughtful gifts, letting them know you are thinking about them and say Job Well Done.

Trade Shows / Conferences

  • Conference Speakers
  • Trade Show VIPs
  • Attendees gifts

Why settle for a traditional “cookie cutter” gift when you can give a unique, living gift that lasts.  

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