Flex Program

ONE PRODUCT – Multi-Messages, Multiple Times, How you need it, When you need it and Where you need it. 

Companies’ needs change throughout the year involving Corporate and Product Branding, Gifts, Events – including Budget and Resource considerations. Our Flex Program works in line and offers a solution with any of these changing mandates and directions (all inclusive.)  Reserving your Cubes gives you the flexibility to decide when to use them or how best use them; not locking you in.

This unique Program meets the needs of Companies by providing a truly Flexible, Cost Effective and on time Customization Service to send out a living, elegant gift throughout the year; with different messages and announcements at different times. 

Email us for details or give us a call at +(301) 697-0840.  (100 Cube Order required-volume pricing available).


It gives you the opportunity to  carry different messaging as programs and events change throughout the year or even month to month.

Assured Availability

MCC has a fixed annual production run. Ordering now guarantees availability.



  • New Logo?
  • New Board Members?
  • New Customers?

The CUSTOMIZATION of your Cube offers the ability to work in line with what is happening in your company real time i.e. new acquisitions, new logos, product branding, tradeshows and in-staff and events. 

Fast Response

For all those times when something unplanned comes up and you need a fast response to send a special message.

Greater Value

We know things change throughout the year.  Our Cubes provide a vehicle to use only what you need – no more wasting money.

We offer solutions for fast response time and changeabilty. 


Multi-Message Option

You can have two sides engraved with multiple messages to include personalization.